Guidance: Digital Economy Act 2017 Draft Codes of Practice and Regulations

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To ensure that departments, local authorities and the wider public sector understand what safeguards are in place and need to be followed, the government has laid before Parliament on 21 May 2018 for its approval draft regulations and 4 draft codes of practice to give clarity and transparency over how the powers in the Act will operate.

They cover:

  • draft regulations relating to the Public Service Delivery chapter

  • explanatory memorandum for the draft regulations

  • a Code of Practice on Public Service Delivery, Debt and Fraud

  • a Code of Practice for Civil Registration officials

  • a Code of Practice and accreditation criteria for access to data for research purposes

  • draft statement of principles and draft Code of Practice on the changes to data systems

  • an explanatory material relating to the Codes of Practice and Statement of Principles


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