29th May 2018

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

North-east council cracking down on public drinkers

People caught drinking in the streets of Peterhead could be charged without warning if rule changes are approved this morning. Aberdeenshire Council implemented a public drinking byelaw in the town in 2011 and is now considering altering its wording to bring it into line with a similar by-law in Fraserburgh. In the neighbouring port, people caught drinking alcohol from an open container can be charged even if they stop and dispose of the liquid. In Peterhead, they have to be warned of the rules by a police officer first. Buchan area committee will discuss the proposal at the meeting today.


Scotland 2017: Murders at record lows; rapes at record highs

Scotland‘s murder rate fell back to 40-year lows last year just as reports of rape hit a new high. Police figures showed there were just 59 killings in 2017-2018, one of the smallest violent death tolls since modern records began in 1976. However, the fresh numbers also reveal a dramatic 22 per cent rise in reports of rapes to an all-time high of 2136 – with two out of five such complaints described as “historic”.


Sexual and violent crime on the rise in Scotland

Police have recorded increasing numbers of violent and sexual offences amid an overall rise in crime. Figures from Police Scotland show there was a 1.7 per cent increase in total crime during the period 1 April, 2017 to 31 March, 2018 when compared with the same period the year before. The figure increases to 3.4 per cent when statistics on weapon possession – which were not previously recorded separately – are included. Violent crime increased by 1.1 per cent, while there was a 12.2 per cent rise in sexual crime, believed to be down to victims having the confidence to come forward. Police Scotland said that while recorded crime had risen, it remained below the level recorded when the force was created in April 2013.


Police Scotland Youth Volunteers Annual Awards for 2018

More than 200 Police Scotland Youth and Adult Volunteers from as far away as Shetland and Stranraer gathered at the Police Scotland College, Tulliallan, at the weekend to take part in the Police Scotland Youth Volunteers Annual Awards for 2018. The Police Scotland Youth Volunteers is supported by Scottish Government, Young Scot and YouthLink Scotland and is represented in all but two local authorities in the country, with both Falkirk and Stirling to begin later this year.


Police publish quarterly crime stats

The Quarter 4 Management Information Report which provides in-depth information about Police Scotland and recorded crime across the country was published today. The data, while not official statistics, relates mainly to crime recorded by Police Scotland with online credit card fraud and other cyber-enabled crimes continuing to be an increasing threat. Published alongside this report is a detailed breakdown of data available at police division or local authority level. A total of 2,515,574 calls were made to Police Scotland and this resulted in 255,504 crimes being recorded. A total of 22,968 missing person investigations were recorded by police in 2017/18 – 4.45% more than in the previous year.


Scotland sees surge in shoplifting as desperate people steal food

Shoplifting has hit a five-year high in Scotland as increasingly desperate people resort to stealing food from supermarkets, according to police statistics. Figures published by Police Scotland show that shoplifting has increased by almost 10 per cent in the past year, with 31,321 crimes recorded between April 2017 and the end of March. Scottish Government Officers said this was an increase of more than 2,700 crimes on the previous year, with many of the incidents related to people trying to steal food.


Police reveal latest Glasgow crime statistics – with cyber fraud and sex crime on the rise

Police reveal reports of cyber fraud and sex crime are on the rise in Glasgow as they publish the latest crime statistics.  Online credit card fraud and other cyber-enabled crimes continue to be an increasing threat, according to the latest figures issued by Police Scotland.


Fraudsters hit 9000 Scots as violent crime levels fall

Nearly 9000 Scots fell victim to credit card fraud and other types of cyber crime last year.

There were 8628 incidents of fraud recorded in 2017/18, a 17.9% increase on the previous year, according to latest figures from Police Scotland. The force said this reflects an increase in cyber-enabled fraud such as “vishing” and money transfer frauds.



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