Policy paper: Post-implementation review of Part 2 of LASPO Act: initial assessment

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The government is undertaking a post-implementation review (PIR) of Part 2 of LASPO this year. This relates to the reforms to civil litigation funding and costs in Part 2 of LASPO Act taking forward Sir Rupert Jackson’s recommendations.

This initial assessment sets out the MOJ’s preliminary view of the statutory reforms; giving details on the scope and process of the review and a preliminary assessment of each of the five statutory reforms covered in PIR. This has been drafted in a relatively summarised form in the expectation that most respondents are likely to be familiar with the detail of the reforms.

The government is keen to engage with interested parties who wish to contribute to PIR. As such, we are encouraging stakeholders to complete an online survey by 24 August 2018 to provide evidence and substantiated views. We recommend, where possible, you refer to this initial assessment of the reforms before submitting your response as this provides a steer on the issues we would particularly welcome comment on.

We are interested in receiving further data and evidence that will help to indicate impacts for the final review. In particular, we have very limited access to data on the costs of litigation as this is typically held by private firms. If you wish to provide analytical evidence, please email David.Smeeton@justice.gov.uk to discuss this further.

Please note this is not the LASPO Part 1 (Legal Aid) review, which is being undertaken separately.


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