27th November 2018

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

27th November 2018

Police Scotland among the UK’s best-staffed forces, data reveals

Scotland has more police officers per head than anywhere in the UK outside London, new data has revealed. Officer numbers have fallen to a nine-year low in Scotland but it still remains one of the best policed parts of the UK, with only the City of London and Metropolitan Police employing more officers per head. There were 17,147 full-time Police Scotland officers at the end of September, according to the force’s own figures, equivalent to one officer for every 316 people based on Scotland’s population of 5.4 million last year.


Prosecutors begin training for domestic abuse legislation ahead of next year’s introduction

Scotland’s prosecutors have begun training in preparation for the coming into force of new domestic abuse legislation next year. The Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 2018 creates a new offence of “abusive behaviour in relation to a partner or ex-partner” where physical and sexual violence, psychological abuse and coercive control can all be prosecuted as a single course of conduct offence.


THE Scottish Tories have called for a two-strikes and you’re out drug policy, with the “full force of the law” being thrown at repeat offenders. The initiative was one of a raft of measures in the party’s new drug strategy, due to be published today. Under their proposals people caught with a personal amount of drugs would be able to initially avoid a criminal record by choosing to “be referred to a Local Commission with powers to prescribe treatment if necessary”. But if they’re caught again then the Tories said they should “be referred back into the criminal justice system”.


From next Monday (December 3) the East Safety Camera Unit will commence a two week initiative in an effort to reduce speeds on Lauder Road in Dalkeith. It is hoped the intensive short term focus on this road will lead to motorists considering their speed while they pass the nearby St David’s Primary School. Manager of the East Safety Camera Unit, Andy Jones, said: “Our colleagues in Police Scotland and Midlothian Council have identified that there have been some concerning speeds on Lauder Road, especially when you consider it is outside a school.


A senior Police Scotland officer has pointed the finger of blame at Celtic’s first-team stars for causing crowd trouble at the end of the last Old Firm clash. The Daily Record reports that a memo from a superintendent said there was a “clear link” between Celtic choosing to have a lap of honour around the ground and the reaction of the Rangers fans. Following their 1-0 victory, the home players continued their applause even when they reached the Rangers section. Several angry supporters then piled to the front as stewards and police tried to hold them back.


New police figures show there has been a sharp rise in the number of reports of street drinking, which is legal in some parts of Scotland but banned in Aberdeen due to a by-law introduced in the city in 2009. According to the figures, police handled 124 incidents of street drinking in the 12 months up to the end of October compared with 49 in the previous 12-month period – a 153% rise. The detection rate – the number of reports that have resulted in police finding out who was responsible – was 99%, indicating the vast majority of street drinkers are caught in the presence of police officers.



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