29th May 2019

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

29th May 2019

Scotland allows Muslim police officers to wear ‘Hijab’ as official uniform

Scotland: Police department in Scotland, the U.K.’s northernmost country took an important decision to increase the number of Muslims in the force. According to the report published in the Independent, woman Muslim police officers can now wear “Hijab” as official uniform. The department made this announcement so that more Muslims will get encouraged to join the force. The decision will make the force more diverse.


Scottish Tories launch bid to strengthen life sentences

A bid to introduce whole life sentences in Scotland, which would mean the worst criminals would never be let out of jail, has been launched by the Conservatives. It has been claimed the move would give Scottish judges increased powers to impose life sentences to those convicted of the most serious violent and sexual crimes, including the murder of a police officer. Lifers in Scotland are currently eligible for release by the parole board when they have served the “punishment” element of their sentence. This is different from England and Wales where courts have the power to effectively jail the worst offenders for the rest of their lives.


Reform jury system and abolish ‘not proven’, says leading lawyer

One of Scotland’s leading lawyers has called for an overhaul of the jury system, insisting it is “ridiculous” that a murder suspect could be jailed for 30 years on a single-vote majority. Gordon Jackson, QC, dean of the Faculty of Advocates, also called for the abolition of the contentious “third verdict” of not proven, one of the distinguishing features of the Scottish legal system.


Drug-related hospital stays quadruple in 20yrs – hitting one in 500 Scots

The number of drug users admitted to hospital has quadrupled in the last two decades — hitting one in 500 Scots over the past year. NHS stats showed narcotics-related stays rocketed to 10,509 in 2017/18, the highest on record. And the Scottish Drugs Forum’s chief exec David Liddell warned of a “worrying trend” of a rise in psychiatric patients aged 15 to 24 from cocaine and cannabis-type use as NHS admissions in the age range hit 190 per 100,000.


Scotland takes “momentous step” to smacking ban despite criminalisation fears

Scotland has taken a “momentous step” towards banning smacking, as MSPs overwhelmingly approved the general principles of new legislation to achieve this. Children’s campaigners welcomed the vote in Holyrood, to approve Green MSP John Finnie’s Bill by 80 votes to 29, although SNP MSPs Christine Grahame and Richard Lyle abstained.



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