2nd May 2019

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

2nd May 2019

Utter filth! Police forced to live and work in buildings ‘as bad as slums’

Police stations in Scotland were found to be ‘unfit for human habitation’ in a recent damning report on living and working conditions. Police officer accommodation in Dunoon, Argyll and Bute, was so poor inspectors found it ‘difficult to convey in words’. Mushrooms were found growing in the shower room and carpets were sodden and covered in mould thanks to broken, leaking radiators, the Scottish Police Federation (SPF) found. In its ‘deep dive’ interim report, it said: ‘SPF representatives described the accommodation as being as bad as they have seen supplied by slum landlords.’


It’s time to decriminalise drugs in Scotland for personal use and to treat problem as a health issue

David Liddell believes there is now a political consensus in Scotland for decriminalising drug possession. The chief executive of the Scottish Drugs Forum has dedicated his life to reducing the harms inflicted by drugs on Scottish society. Liddell won respect for helping implement needle exchanges and methadone programmes at a time when Scotland was in the midst of a heroin and HIV crisis in the 80s. But he has witnessed a disastrous breakdown in process between research, policy and treatment in Scotland in the last 10 years – plunging our nation into a mire where more people die from drugs than in any other country in the EU.


Scottish Police Federation slams Argyll officers’ conditions

Police in Argyll and West Dunbartonshire are having to endure some of the worst working conditions in Scotland, according to the body representing rank-and-file officers.
Among the shocking revelations published by the Scottish Police Federation (SPF) is how officers in the area’s “offender management unit”, which includes monitoring more than 100 sex offenders, have only one dedicated vehicle. The SPF report reveals significant concern at the lengthy journeys faced by officers who have to transport people under arrest to the police station in Clydebank to be interviewed.


Lib Dems challenge Justice Secretary over police buildings ‘unfit for human habitation’

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have questioned Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf about a report from the Scottish Police Federation (SPF), in which the union described some buildings in the police estate as being “unfit for human habitation”. The report found a number of problems, including mushrooms growing in a damp shower room; rat infestations; furniture salvaged from skips and that complainants were having to give officers lifts.
Lib Dem justice spokesman Liam McArthur highlighted SPF warnings that these conditions present “significant legal and reputational risk” and its recommendation that the SPA refer itself to the Crown Office for investigation. In response, Mr Yousaf failed to confirm whether or not he believed an investigation was necessary or whether Police Scotland was illegally operating HMOs.


New Scots law could tackle ‘distress porn’

Filming someone in distress without seeking help could fall under Scotland’s new psychological domestic abuse law, cops have revealed. It comes after we revealed a sadistic new trend for ‘distress porn’ – filming a vulnerable person at breaking point before seeking revenge with the footage. In a special report yesterday, we told how a young woman was filmed by her ex-boyfriend while attempting to self-harm. He did not call for help and was later reported to cops after sharing the sickening video on Whatsapp in a bid to humiliate her.


Huge increase in screen use to help witnesses in criminal trials

The use of screens to separate witnesses from accused persons at serious criminal trials has soared over the last three years, The National can reveal. Screens were used 1826 times over the last year in solemn procedure trials in High Courts and Sheriff Courts, up from 1497 occasions in 2016-17, a rise of 22 per cent.



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