30th January 2019

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

30th January 2019

Two police officers from Irvine have been recognised for their extraordinary acts of fearlessness and determination at the Scottish Police Federation Bravery Awards.

Police Constables John Black and Jason Kean won their award for saving the life of a suicidal man who carried out a violent knife attack on them during an incident at his home in May this year.

The man had consumed a concoction of medication, alcohol, drugs and white spirit, barricaded himself into his house and was in the process of trying to hang himself. Having tried unsuccessfully to make contact with him, the officers broke down the door and were immediately confronted with a large knife being wielded in their faces.

The officers managed to disarm him but the man had another knife, which he used to attack them before slashing at his own throat and arms. With no regard for their own safety, Constables Black and Kean tackled the man to prevent him from harming himself any further. After a considerable struggle in a hazardous environment due to the amount of blood loss, the officers managed to disarm and restrain him and used their first aid knowledge to tend to his wounds.

The man was then taken to Crosshouse Hospital where it took six sedatives to calm him.

Constable John Black said: “The man was suffering from extreme depression following the loss of his mother and his condition had deteriorated considerably in the run up to the incident. When we arrived, he was very distressed and lashing out. Our immediate reaction was to remove the knife to stop him from hurting himself further. He had lost a lost of blood and this made the conditions more challenging. I’m glad we managed to save his life and hope he is getting the right care and support.”

Inspector Stuart McVean, who nominated the officers, added: “If it hadn’t been for the intervention and bravery of these officers, the man would certainly have been successful in taking his own life. They went above and beyond the call of duty and dealt with a highly traumatic and dangerous situation with no regard for their own safety.”

Andrea MacDonald, Chair of the Scottish Police Federation, said: “The actions undertaken by these police officers that day were incredibly brave. They put themselves in danger to save a man’s life.

“These awards are about recognising the incredible efforts of Scotland’s police officers who all too often, are faced with situations that could have major repercussions. It is right that they are recognised for their honourable actions which go a long way in keeping our communities safe.”

They are receiving their awards this week from Ch Supt Paul Main And Chief Inspector Brian Shaw. See MoreSee Less

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Driver jailed for deliberately endangering a police officer

Thomas Sinclair pleaded guilty to culpably and recklessly driving off at speed when the officer was leaning into the car through an open door ‘whereby he had to take evasive action to avoid being injured’, all to his danger.

Sinclair, of Grey Place, was jailed in 2017 for assaulting two constables within Greenock police office after following his wife inside, shouting, swearing and seizing her by the body.

He punched one officer on the head, attempted to headbutt him and then kicked him and another PC on their bodies.

The sheriff said: “In my view it is more serious because your most recent convictions are for a number of assaults on police.

“Police officers put themselves in danger every day, including during routine car stops.

“This officer was leaning in across the passenger seat to deal with you, and you decided to drive off, putting the officer in danger and that is completely unacceptable.”

www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/news/17368314.driver-jailed-for-deliberately-endangering-a-police-off… See MoreSee Less

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