4th July 2019

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

4th July 2019

Nicola Sturgeon urged to ‘follow Boris’s lead’ and up number of police officers in Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon has been urged to “follow Boris’s lead” by pledging to use the knock-on £100 million windfall – from the Tory frontrunner’s pledge to create 20,000 new police posts south of the border – to create nearly 2,000 officers in Scotland. Mr Johnson, in his latest pledge to woo over Conservative members, said his plan for 20,000 more bobbies on the beat in England and Wales would reverse the decline in numbers since 2010 and increase the total number to more than 140,000 by 2022.


Family of tragic Kevin McLeod hope fresh probe can solve 22-year mystery of son’s death

Police Scotland will bring in an English force to probe their investigation into the mystery death of a young man in a Highland harbour. The sensational new twist in the 22-year campaign for justice by electrician Kevin McLeod’s family was welcomed by them last night. Sitting with Kevin’s parents June, 64, and Hugh, 67, his uncle Allan McLeod said: “It’s been exhausting, physically, mentally and emotionally – it’s just been a living nightmare.


Middle-class drug addicts buy heroin in bitcoin

Drug dealers are accepting bitcoin and Amazon gift cards as Scotland’s heroin epidemic moves from back streets to affluent communities and online platforms. Justina Murray, chief executive of Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs, has urged the UK government to listen to the widespread calls for decriminalisation to save lives.


It’s time to decriminalise drug use to beat Scotland’s crippling death crisis

Decriminalisation – it’s a scary word for some but we’ve been hearing a lot of it recently.
And, like the drugs wrecking our communities, it’s not going away any time soon, no matter how deep the Tory Government puts its head in the sand. In the past months, the Daily Record has investigated what can be done about Scotland’s drug death crisis, which is the worst in Europe and creeping towards being the worst in the world. We have encouraged doctors, politicians, academics, recovery groups and former drug addicts to lay their cards on the table. They have overwhelmingly spoken of treating drugs as a health issue rather than a criminal one.


Police handling of tragic Wick Harbour death more than 20 years ago to be reviewed

A review of police’s handling of the death of a man in the Highlands more than 20 years ago is to be launched. Kevin Mcleod’s body was pulled from Wick Harbour on February 8 1997 after he had enjoyed a night out with friends.


Funding boost to help emergency workers with mental health issues

The Scottish government has committed £138,000 of funding to extend a programme to help emergency service workers cope with mental health issues. The number of paramedics signed off work with depression or stress increased by more than 40% last year. Funding for the Lifelines Scotland initiative will cover Police Scotland, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and the Scottish Ambulance Service. Front-line workers will get access to tailored mental health resources. This will include online information and resources for responders, their friends and family, as well as training courses and resources to help organisations embed wellbeing in the workplace.


Police face calls to end use of facial recognition software

Police are facing calls to halt the use of facial recognition software to search for suspected criminals in public after independent analysis found matches were only correct in a fifth of cases and the system was likely to break human rights laws. Academics from the University of Essex were granted access to six live trials by the Metropolitan police in Soho, Romford and at the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, east London.



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