7th January 2019

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

7th January 2019

Police Scotland had to fork out more than £5MILLION fixing patrol cars damaged in crashes

Cops forked out more than £5million fixing patrol cars damaged in crashes, official stats have revealed. Police Scotland motors were involved in 5,679 prangs in the last five years — with average repair bills topping £8,500. A total of 152 smashes happened during pursuits while 233 officers were charged with driving offences at work during the same period, freedom of information figures show.


Most police forces fail to meet fingerprint evidence standards

UK forensic science regulator warns of shortcomings that could cause cases to collapse. Less than 10% of police forces have met basic quality standards for fingerprint evidence, the government’s forensic science regulator has warned. All UK forces were ordered three years ago to ensure their laboratories met international standards for analysing prints found at crime scenes. But only three forces have complied, with almost every force missing a deadline set by the regulator to gain accreditation by November.


How we could tackle the scourge of drugs if we wanted to – Tom Wood
(Tom Wood is a writer and former Deputy Chief Constable)

Our 40-year losing struggle with drugs is the latest intractable problem to be addressed by a so-called ‘public health’ model. It’s an attractive prospect, a system with a medico-scientific cachet that has proven successful not only in public health but in other areas.



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