APCC response to Transforming Rehabilitation report

GMP Headquarters Newton Heath - by Mikey via Flickr

APCC response to Transforming Rehabilitation report

22 June 2018 | 09:16

A report from the Justice Select Committee has found that the transforming rehabilitation changes have weakened local partnership working and local accountability, meaning there is less joined-up working and collaboration at a local level. It recommends that Ministry of Justice should set out its vision for future local accountability of probation and the role that Police and Crime Commissioners might play.

 Responding to recommendation, APCC Chair David Lloyd said:

 “The Justice Committee’s report into Transforming Rehabilitation provides a welcome focus on how the current system is operating. Work is already underway between the Ministry of Justice and the APCC, looking at the role that PCCs might play in providing effective local accountability of probation in the future. 

 “It is our view that PCCs have a key role in working with partners to ensure an efficient and effective criminal justice system. That means real oversight and accountability of local criminal justice services, including offender management services.

 “Currently, across the country, we are seeing criminal justice agencies being pulled in different directions. The democratic mandate of a PCC means that they can hold the criminal justice system to account for the public and provide transparency at a local level and that is something that we continue to pursue with the Ministry of Justice.”