Constabulary returns in 2015

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Constabulary returns in 2015

Celebrating its 36th year Constabulary is preparing for an October relaunch. Constabulary is the longest-established independent magazine serving police employees in the UK, from the constable on the beat to the chief constable.

Founded in the Seventies by a former police officer and police trainer, Constabulary will continue to be known for its high-profile interviews, police news, and its genuinely independent editorial stance. We want to be the regular read of the Police Service in an ever-changing police environment.

While we took some time out to rebuild the magazine, we’ve had the introduction of Police & Crime Commissioners, ‘Plebgate’, the amalgamation of eight Scottish territorial police forces into one (Police Scotland), the home secretary has criticised the police force for a lack of diversity, online crime has spiraled out of control and there have been unprecedented budget and workforce cuts for police services.

As we prepare for the relaunch we’ll cover daily headlines and breaking news. We look forward to welcoming our readers, both new and old.