Correspondence: Circular 003/2019: Regulation 10b of The Police Regulations 2003 (Rejoiners)

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Correspondence: Circular 003/2019: Regulation 10b of The Police Regulations 2003 (Rejoiners)



The 2015 police leadership review by the College of Policing recommended a change to Police Regulations 2003 to enable greater flexibility for officers who wish to return to policing.

Statutory Instrument (SI) 1191/2018 amended Regulation 10B of the Police Regulations 2003 (and other consequential amendments) to enable former officers to re-join the police beyond the current 5 year restriction, at the same rank as they last served, or at a higher or lower rank.

The regulatory changes were laid before Parliament on 22 November 2018 and came into force on 22 February 2019.

Annex C: probation periods

With officers potentially re-joining after a 5 year gap, a reconsideration of probation periods was required to ensure that officers are properly supported back into policing. Previously, re-joiners (returning within 5 years) were required to undertake a 6 month probation period. Following consultation, the College agreed that it is proportionate and appropriate to provide a minimum 6 month probation period for all re-joiners and 12 months for those re-joining at a different rank, or who left more than 5 years ago. Annex C has been amended accordingly.

Annex OO: career breaks

Annex OO has been amended to ensure that re-joiners’ entitlement to a career break is made explicit and in line with that of regular officers.

The full text of the amended annexes is available to download above.

Additional Information

The College of Policing has worked with stakeholders to develop guidance for police forces in England and Wales on the updated regulations and this is available on the College website.


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