Guidance: Progression regimes

Ministry of Justice - by Jim Larrison via Flickr

Guidance: Progression regimes

The framework sets out the formal progression regime model and provides direction in terms of mandatory requirements, supporting guidance and good practice.

This policy framework is aimed at staff working with indeterminate sentence and extended determinate sentence prisoners. A progression regime is an alternative environment for prisoners who meet the eligibility and suitability requirements, and who are assessed by those managing them to be in need of additional support to progress through their sentence.

Progression regimes are in operation at 4 prisons: HMPs Warren Hill, Buckley Hall, Erlestoke and Humber. They run a 3 stage approach through which prisoners can progress and gain greater levels of trust and independence as they do.

The framework sets out duties, rules and general guidance on what constitutes a progression regime, and who might benefit from participating in one.

Participation is voluntary, and prisoners do not have to spend a specific amount of time on a progression regime, nor do they need to progress through all the stages in order to achieve progression to an open prison or release via the Parole Board.


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