Guidance: Serious and organised crime policy framework

Ministry of Justice - by Jim Larrison via Flickr

Guidance: Serious and organised crime policy framework

The government’s Serious and Organised Crime Strategy 2018 makes a commitment to relentlessly target and disrupt serious and organised crime (SOC) offenders in our communities and in our prisons. To meet the ambition of the Government’s strategy to tackle SOC, HMPPS has taken forward a serious of improvements to tackle SOC. It has set up new specialist capabilities and resources, which will strengthen and provide direct support to staff across prisons and probation. To reduce the threat posed by SOC offenders, it is important that HMPPS is able to manage the highest risk offenders and that staff managing those offenders have the tools and guidance necessary.

The management of the highest priority SOC offenders will be supported by SOCU in HMPPS. SOCU aims to:

  • undermine and disrupt SOC in prisons and under probation supervision
  • identify the cohort and prioritise the most serious offenders
  • provide an information flow with key partners and agencies
  • build staff capability
  • carry out assurance against the SOC policy framework
  • support the management of high-priority SOC offenders on licence.

This policy framework provides mandatory actions that are required of Governing Governors, Directors and probation providers and, as with all such frameworks, is published and widely available.


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