Hard-hitting ‘Reality of Policing’ video a huge success

Police on Parade 2007 - by Chris Eason via Flickr

Hard-hitting ‘Reality of Policing’ video a huge success

31 May 2018

A powerfully emotive video commissioned for our Annual Conference to show the Reality of Policing has been shared over a million times across social media.

The short film, which featured a female uniformed officer as she undertook a day on the beat, saw her undertaking her shift single crewed, responding to countless jobs, being spat at, dealing with a knife man, attending an injured man when there was no ambulance available, being criticised for taking a break, and being late home and missing a family event.

The dramatization combined fly-on-the-wall and point of view camera angles used represent the officer’s body worn camera, to track the officer during her day and the impact being an officer has on personal life and wellbeing.

It was launched at conference during Chair Calum Macleod’s keynote speech and has been delivered to more than a million social media feeds, shared by around 15,000 people and attracted thousands of comments and ‘likes.’

The video has been praised for highlighting the real issues faced by thousands of frontline officers’ up and down the country every day.

Calum Macleod, PFEW chair, said: “The video reflects the concerns and struggles our members face day in day out from leave embargo and rest days being cancelled, being overworked and routinely finishing late and missing family events to the more disgusting and frightening things they have to deal such as being attacked and spat at.

“I am overwhelmed by the positive response this video has received from both officers and members of the public and I hope that it gives people a real insight into what it is like to be a police officer today and the impact simply “doing their jobs” can have on their personal lives and welfare.”

You can view the full video below or on our YouTube channel.