Hard-hitting video shortlisted for award

Police on Parade 2007 - by Chris Eason via Flickr

Hard-hitting video shortlisted for award

19 July 2018

A powerfully emotive video commissioned for our Annual Conference this year to show the reality of policing has been shortlisted for a top PR award.

The film crams a typical day in the life of an officer in two minutes, combining fly-on-the-wall and point-of-view camera angles to represent body worn camera, and is up for Best use of content at this year’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations PRide Awards.

The short dramatisation tracks a female officer dealing with countless jobs and the impact it has on her wellbeing and personal life.  She undertakes her shift single crewed, is spat at, handles a knife man, attends an injured man because there is no ambulance available, is criticised for taking a break and is late home missing a family event.

The video has been a huge success: watched and shared well over a million times across social media, and attracted thousands of comments and ‘likes’.

PFEW Chair, Calum Macleod, said: “We wanted to highlight the real issues faced by thousands of frontline officers up and down the country every day and are delighted it has resonated with officers and the public. 

“The video reflects the very real struggles our members face on a daily basis – being attacked and spat at, rushing from job to job, under pressure to fill in for other services which have also been cut, leave embargo and rest days being cancelled and routinely finishing late and missing family events.

“It gives people a real insight into what it is like to be a police officer today and the impact simply ‘doing their job’ can have on their personal lives and welfare.”

The Police Federation Communications team based at Leatherhead has also been shortlisted in the awards for Outstanding in-house PR team. 

The awards for the South of England and Channel Islands will be announced on 30 November.