Latest police statistics show increase in certain crime types

Northern Constabulary Force Helicopter 1998 - by Dave Conner via Flickr

Latest police statistics show increase in certain crime types

National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Crime Statistics, Chief Constable Bill Skelly said:

“The Crime Survey of England and Wales, which asks the public about their experiences of crime, shows no change in crime levels and reminds us that very few adults experience crime, particularly high harm crimes like violence or robbery.  

“We take rises in crime very seriously.  Police forces are targeting crime hotspots, using powers of stop and search and active engagement with communities to prevent violence.  The causes and drivers of rising violence and related crimes are complex, and so the solutions must focus on early intervention and involve a range of action from government, education, health, social services, housing and victim services.  To bring down robbery and burglary police target prolific offenders and links to organised crime but we also need the public to help by taking simple crime prevention measures.

“Police workforce statistics also released today show officer numbers are at the lowest level since records began in 1996.  Their role is more challenging than ever as they seek to protect the most vulnerable in society and rising demand and more complex crime.  We will work collaboratively with police and crime commissioners and the Home Office to look at our demand, capabilities and resources in the run up the next government spending review.”