National Chair's reaction to Home Secretary's speech

National Chair's reaction to Home Secretary's speech

23 May 2018

Home Secretary Sajid Javid

National Chair Calum Macleod has welcomed the new Home Secretary’s approach to policing as “positive” but cautioned he needs to make good on his promises sooner rather than later.

Giving his reaction to Sajid Javid’s maiden speech at our conference this morning Mr Macleod said: “This conference has been about the realities of policing and they were explained to the Home Secretary.

“He came with a different message this time and there is a positivity about what he said. He says ‘he gets’ it but ‘he gets it’ needs to be translated into action and results for the public and the police and that is essential moving forward.”

Mr Javid, who was only appointed as Home Secretary three weeks ago, took to the stage to address delegates telling him he understands the issues facing police officers saying he is “listening and he gets it” and promising to “prioritise police spending”.

Mr Macleod continued that now is it matter of Mr Javid translating his words in to action: “We have to be able to hold him to account. And we have to work with the Home Office and with Government to ensure positive changes for our membership and for the public are achieved – and that needs to start today.

He praised the ministers differing approach from previous incumbents saying: “He has certainly taken a different stance from his predecessor – certainly been more constructive. “I think the audience appreciated that today – but as I say words are one thing delivery is something else – and we need to get delivery for today, for tomorrow and for five years’ time.

“There are risks the public are facing which need to be addressed and there are risks police officers are facing that need to be addressed and they need to be addressed as a matter of urgency.”

The Home Secretary’s speech can be read here.