National seminar will address issues affecting police custody

National seminar will address issues affecting police custody

12 June 2018

Introduction of the new Police and Crime Act has resulted in a drop of at least 65 per cent in pre-charge bail.  This is has left witnesses and victims feeling vulnerable with suspects often now having no bail conditions.

The issue of pre-charge bail will be one of the main topics discussed at this year’s National Custody Seminar & Exhibition, which will be held at the De Vere Hotel, Northamptonshire on 11 & 12 September 2018.

This will also be the first time that delegates will have the opportunity to debate the Independent Review, chaired by Dame Elish Angiolini, which features multiple recommendations for policing, including the use of restraint and training requirements.

Speaking ahead of the seminar, Andy Ward, Custody Lead for the Police Federation of England and Wales said:  “This is an event which discusses the very real challenges we face working in police custody.  Year on year, the seminar is growing in popularity as the issues discussed often extend beyond far beyond policing. 

“It is only by working with colleagues in the public and private sector that we can properly address deaths in police custody, learn lessons from serious incidents and investigations, with the overall aim of safeguarding the rights of suspects and victims, not to mention protecting our members.

“We have a full agenda and would encourage anyone working in and around police custody to register now to attend.”

Dealing with detainees suffering from mental health crises remains a key area on the custody agenda as social care and NHS budgets shrink, and there will be an opportunity to examine recent amendments to the Mental Health Act and their impact upon policing and custody.

Delegates will hear from a range of speakers drawn from stakeholders and partner organisations as well as the Police Federation of England and Wales’ National Custody Forum.

View the agenda and register now to attend.