Open consultation: Independent review of Prevent: call for evidence

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Open consultation: Independent review of Prevent: call for evidence



During the passage of the Counter Terrorism and Border Security Act 2019, the government committed to carrying out an independent Review of Prevent. Lord Carlile was appointed as the reviewer on 12 August 2019.

The review will critically examine and report on the government strategy for supporting people vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism as set out in CONTEST, June 2018. The terms of reference for the review are published, as is a ways of working page providing an overview of review activity, and the way in which the review will be carried out.

Lord Carlile is now seeking evidence for the review. You can watch Lord Carlile calling for evidence in a short video.

About this call for evidence

This call for evidence – published as an online survey for ease of use and subsequent analysis – seeks to generate a wide range of written responses from as wide a range of respondents as possible, in response to the questions set out in the review’s terms of reference.

The review will be looking at the range of views and evidence provided across responses to identify key themes and topics rather than looking at the number of responses on a particular issue. We encourage you to provide evidence, where possible, to support your comments so we can better understand the issue.

Who is the call for evidence for?

This is an open call for evidence. We want to hear a broad range of opinions, expertise and experience from those who can offer an insight into what Prevent means, how it works, and how it affects individuals and communities.

This includes

  • those working to deliver Prevent locally and nationally
  • those responsible for implementing the statutory Prevent duty(for example, health care professionals and schools and higher education institutions)
  • civic groups and charitable organisations
  • research and academic institutions with an interest in Prevent

We also want to hear from individuals who have been referred to, or accessed, Prevent services, and parents, carers, friends, or others close to those individuals. We would also like to hear from members of the public and communities who are crucial voices in thinking about how we, as society, can best safeguard those vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism.

How to submit your response

You can complete our online survey and submit your views. You can also paste links to existing reports and articles you think are relevant at the end of the survey. There is a limit on the length of responses per question.

The survey can be made available as a paper questionnaire if required. To request a copy by e-mail please contact us at

Please do not submit referrals or queries about specific cases as part of this survey. To make a Prevent referral, or to find out more about where you can get support, please contact your local police force or local authority. More information is available on the Let’s Talk About It website.

Confidentiality and consent

The independent review will act in accordance with Home Office principles on the handling and storage of personal data as set out in its personal information charter.

This means your personal data will only be used for the call for evidence. It will not be disclosed to third parties unless the law requires it, and you will not be identifiable from any published reports.

All information collected through the call for evidence will be kept in the strictest confidence and used for research purposes only. Analysis of the evidence submitted may be used as part of the report of the independent review, which will be published, but information identifying individuals will be removed. There may be some reference to broader defining characteristics, such as gender or sector, but this will not identify individuals.

By submitting a response to this call for evidence you are consenting to the use of your data as set out above.


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