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“If pubs and nightclubs allowed their clientele to behave the way football clubs do then they would be closed down until they got their act together. It is at the stage now where we need to say: ‘You need to get this sorted out because it is absolutely outrageous’.

“Why do you think that people should be able to behave like animals and indulge in criminal behaviour in a football environment and think it is okay? It is not okay.

“There needs to be a much stronger line on it. The clubs need to take a financial hit on it, but, I’m sorry, I don’t think there’s a price you can put on decency in society.

“There are a multitude of ways that clubs can get better at this and take it forward. There doesn’t seem to be a willingness to actually do that. The reality is if they don’t do it somebody is going to intervene and legislate. Words are cheap. Let’s have some actions from the clubs.”

www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/celtic/news/17493069.police-federation-tells-spfl-clubs-to-get-tough… See MoreSee Less

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The Scottish Police Benevolent Fund is delighted to announce that following assistance provided by the fund to another worthy cause and member of the Police family, we have enabled a budding sports star of the future to live his dream.

Eythan Galloway (13), son of serving Police Officer and dog handler Ryan, suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy but has never let that get in his way, taking part in sport and wishing to represent his own country.

Eythan was already performing to a high standard in the new upcoming sport of Powerchair Football, but was restricted in progressing further, as the financial cost of obtaining the latest state of the art equipment to play at top level, was out of reach of the family.

Following a successful application to the SPBF, we were able to assist in securing the latest powered sports wheelchair from the USA and this has allowed Eythan to go from strength to strength and develop his natural talent for the sport further.

Eythan’s hard work and determination has ultimately paid off and we were delighted to hear that he was selected to try out for the National Squad in May last year.

Eythan clearly impressed the coaches and went on to be selected to play for Scotland in the first ever Scottish Powerchair Football game which took place in Largs in December 2018. Not only that, but Eythan whilst earning his first cap for Scotland went on to score the first ever goal for Scotland that day!

Since then Eythan has gone from strength to strength, travelling to Leeds in February this year where once again he was selected to play in the Duncan Scales Memorial Cup where the team came a credible second in the tournament.

The family are immensely proud of their budding star and are currently waiting to hear if Eythan will be one of 6 Scottish players selected to travel to Belfast in May 2019 for the first International competition against Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland national squads. Good luck Eythan!

Eythan’s family have expressed their sincere thanks for the support the SPBF has given them over the years and surely we will see much more of him in a Scotland jersey as he hones those skills further.

The SPBF will be watching with keen interest and wish Eythan and all the players of the Scottish Powerchair Football Team all the very best in their future endeavours and becoming a top class international team.

It costs less than the price of a cup of coffee a month to become a member of the Scottish Police Benevolent Fund, giving you peace of mind that in times of need or hardship, we have your back even long after you retire. If you’d like to join the SPBF, make a donation or raise funds for us please get in touch.

www.spbf.org.uk/how-we-helped-eythan-go-for-gold/ See MoreSee Less

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This is an important point in Scottish Football’s history and if the review is implemented, should lead to a safer, fairer, more secure and pleasant environment

The Scottish Police Federation welcomes the Publication of DCC Mark Robert’s Independent Review of Football Policing in Scotland.

The Scottish Police Federation (SPF) contributed to this review and are reassured that his conclusions are broadly
aligned to our own views.

The review comments very positively on the operational police response at matches and our colleagues will welcome the fact that their professionalism has been recognised.

Officers will also welcome the nudge given to Police Scotland to start explaining to genuine supporters and the public at large the risk that police officers face at some of our games.

Verbal and physical abuse and injuries are increasing and such an engagement strategy would support a change to the culture of reluctance in deploying properly protected Public Order units when necessary.

Full statement here

spf.org.uk/wp/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Independent-Review-of-Football-Policing-in-Scotland-0603… See MoreSee Less

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A man who attempted to violently flee from Stirling Sheriff Court was detained by the quick thinking and brave actions of Constable Gregor Cameron.

Delighted to be able to Present Police Constable Cameron with his Scottish Police Federation Bravery Awards this week.

The man was being led to attend his trial and was handcuffed to a member of G4S staff.

As the pair walked past a public entrance to the court, the defendant pulled the member of staff towards it, dragging her behind him.

Hearing her shouts, Constable Cameron immediately rushed to her aid only to discover that the man had fashioned and concealed a sharp weapon from a plastic spoon which he used to lash out at the officer.

Constable Cameron suffered deep wounds to his head and lacerations to his neck as the offender lashed out before he bravely fought to get him under control and ultimately to justice. See MoreSee Less

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