SPF Media Release – PSoS Estate and Fleet 300519

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

SPF Media Release – PSoS Estate and Fleet 300519

Two police officers have been taken to hospital after their stationary car was hit by another vehicle on a motorway hard shoulder.

Wishing our injured colleagues well.

The male officers were attending a Vauxhall Corsa which left the road on the M876 near Falkirk at about 07:40.

The police car was then hit by a Renault Clio on the hard shoulder while the officers were sitting in it.

The man driving the Clio which hit the police car, and the two officers, were taken to Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

All three men had non-life threatening injuries.

The female driver of the Corsa, which left the road in the original incident, was uninjured.

The 38-year-old driver of the Clio has been charged in connection with careless driving,

The incident, which took place on the eastbound M876 near to junction seven of the M9, closed the road for several hours but it reopened about 13:30.

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The Scottish Police Federation today told Parliament just how badly some of the force’s operational buildings are falling into disrepair due to a lack of funding.

The Justice Sub-Committee heard how some of the conditions officers were forced to work were a “complete and utter embarrassment” – and that this is having an effect on the forces’ operational efficiency.

One particular building that is in dire needs of maintenance and repair is Paisley, where the Scottish Police Federation said that the office “is basically held together by yellow and black tape.”

The committee promised they would feedback to Ministers as they were also told how a severe lack of funding had resulted in officers being forced to reside in buildings that did not even hold the proper licensing.

The Federation said that significant holes in funding had also led to officers operating with outdated equipment, including a lack of IT and the absence of showering facilities at some stations.

Some buildings have also become so run-down that water has been reported to be leaking in and around electrical outlets and stairwells.

The Federation remarked how most of the phones that people carry in their pockets are more advanced than the equipment that Scotland’s officers are forced to work with.

Despite this, the Parliamentary committee remarked what a good job officers had done notwithstanding the current circumstances the force faces. See MoreSee Less

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Scottish Police officers being urged to take part in this year’s Welfare and Wellbeing Survey.

This year’s questionnaire covers demographics, work environment, work-life balance, physical and mental health while another section will ask how officers are coping with the job.

All answers will remain confidential and the survey will take 15 minutes to complete, although the software allows members to take a break and complete it later if they need to.

The results of last year’s Welfare and Wellbeing Survey are available to view via the Police Service of Scotland intranet.

For more details and to fill in the survey visit; www.spf.org.uk/wellbeing See MoreSee Less

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